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  1. Hello all! I am a nurse in Baltimore. I am from NY. I worked in psychiatry for five years. I was very unhealthy at this time in my life, not taking care of myself and very unhappy. I left my job and went to work in community health nursing and did a ton of work on myself. I ran an exercise program for physician referred exercisers and started a coaching certification program. I became a coach and Reiki practitioner and continue to do self-work on myself. I opened my own coaching business and now work part-time at the hospital doing nursing research. The project we are working on right now is using coaching as an intervention to see if it helps with patients transition from hospital to home.

    As for what I want to do with my business, I want to coach nurses who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed to create space for self-care and balance in their lives so that they may live healthy a lifestyle focusing on their own well-being first. I find so often, and in my lived experience, that as nurses we take care of everyone else first; patients, families, staff, neighbors, etc. What I have learned and am still learning each day is that we need to take care of me first in order to be more productive, happy, balanced, and relaxed.

    I want to share stories of my own experiences on allnurses online. I'd like to make connections and hear what challneges people are going through. I'd like to meet nurses from all over to share what I have to offer and to introduce some health and wellness topics that might not be so obvious. I just want to learn, chat, and grow!

    Thanks for reading and nice meeting everyone in advance!!
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    Thank you for the welcome caliotter3!
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    would love to hear more!
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    Arnie1234 thanks for your interest! Would you like me to email you more?

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