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    Hello everyone!

    I am a pre - nursing student @ KSU. I am also a Navy Veteran and a Nationally Registered MA via AMT. I have desired to be a nurse since I was six. I graduated from Navy Hospital Corps School and Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute in '04. Post enlistment, I worked nights as an ER Tech in a small rural Arkansas hospital in Salem. In late 09 I moved to central Arkansas and worked as a PCT in MICU. I LOVE CRITICAL CARE. In my tech nights, my stomping ground was Med/Neuro ICU. On occasion I would be pulled to SICU, Step Down, ER, or PACU. Loved it all. In Spring '12 I passed my RMA board and now I am pre nursing! I look forward to volunteering within my local community, on campus, and hopefully at a local hospital **Interview pending med clearance.

    As far as nursing, I plan to specialize in critical care-

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