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Newish here

  1. 2 Hiya, I've been lurking and posting in psych a bit lately. I stumbled across AN while looking up research articles. I've been a nurse for over ten years, most of it in psychiatry. I have not found my way through this whole site yet, but I expect I'll keep plugging away with it. Nice to meet you all!
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    Interesting user name you got there.

    WELCOME to Allnurses!! I've seen some of your posts and like your down-to-earth manner. Hope you'll enjoy your membership here and be with us for many years to come.
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    Hello everyone, I am also new and still figuring out how to post a thread.
    I already have a Bachelors and half way through my MBA.
    Nursing is my passion and since my mother passed 3 months ago, I want to fulfill that dream to help people and work in a great career field.
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    glad you decided to join up both phatass and mrsfocused! w e l co m e!