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New to this & new to nursing !!

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I'm a 27 yr old nursing student and I just finished my first semester. I live in Canada. I'm in school for Practical Nursing. So far I LOVE IT!! I can't wait for next semester to start and I've only been on xmas vaca for less then a week (crazy, yes i know lol) I am just really excited to learn more. I've graduated from college as a Personal Support Worker and worked in a LTC facility for a couple years. Before that I did 8 months of Paramedic before they closed down our program Eventually I do want to do the RN program, but right now with my life and kids, 5 years of school (incl 1 yr pre-health) just wasn't for me. I've been looking at the site on fb and never knew that this one existed! I think it's really great and I think it's amazing how you guys take time to help us newbies out with all our questions and confusions. We aren't always that lucky in clinical to find someone so helpful to take a moment. So thank you
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    Welcome to allnurses! We do get into things in a more in-depth way on the message boards - so glad you decided to join us. Lots of members here from Canada, too.

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    Welcome to the site, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors...Aloha~