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  1. Hi all, i am new to this site. Briefly introduce myself. i come from China, work in a hospital but not a nurse. Cos my wife's a real nurse in my place. i'm just curious about the outside world, especially the nurse stuff around the world. Then i can make friends with you guys and share your experience. To be honest, the nurses' environment in my country is not good, and also their social status. I read some articles about foreign medical environment and other stuff, and I was wondering the basic difference between us. What a shame! We do have a lot to learn.

    Anyway, happy coming here. Hope we'll become friends. Thank you.

    PS. If you got interested in China or whatever, maybe I can be helpful.
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    once again i welcome you to the cite, regarding your p.s. you might also may want to checkout the forum "world" for those members that you could assist, it is nice to have you on board....aloha~

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    Welcome to the site. We hope you enjoy it here.

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    Thanks you guys. I think I'll really love here.