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  1. Hi. This is my first time on anything like this. I am a mom of 5 kids ages 9 to 18 so I am a busy mom-on-the-run. I also work in a long term care facility in B.C. Canada and I love reading many of the posts on this site. I feel connected and understood even though I haven't posted anything yet! I did my Diploma RN way back in 78 and left nursing for 18 years. I had to do the refresher course and jumped back into nursing 4 years ago. I find, that although I was out of it for so long, I am a much more compassionate, and confident RN because of all the life challenges faced with being a mom of 5 etc. I LOVE nursing. Even though we are experiencing many difficult changes in nursing in BC, it is still an amazing profession to be in.
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  3. by   MCO Nurse
    Let me be the first to welcome you. I am also new with a grand total of 4 posts!!

  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    DG5, welcome to All Nurses!
  5. by   suzanne4
    welcome from sunny bangkok.
    (no longer sunny, the sun is actually beginning to go down for the night!)