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  1. Hello! My name is Nicole. I recently graduated in May 2012 with my ADN. I took my boards & passed. I've been apply for jobs since Feb 2012. I don't really have any previous healthcare experience prior to nursing school. I've been very active in my school's chapter of SNA & was even the vice president for the last semester of school. I've put out at least 85+ apps and haven't had much luck. I've applied in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and a hospice house. I guess I'm just feeling a little discouraged & I know that its tough right now for everyone. I joined the site because I wanted some support, advice and mentor-ship from fellow nurses. I feel weird even calling myself a nurse because I'm not working as a nurse. Thanks everyone for being so helpful and your support.
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    welcome to the let me congratulated you on your recent accomplishments, however, as you stated it's tough out there these days to get hired. however, it's not impossible one thing i would like to point out is make sure that your resume highlights all of your accomplishments and certifications like cpr, acls etc. in addition, i would suggest for you to have a professional revise your resume in order to reflect the passion and the knowledge that you acquired during your nursing program. moreover, don't forget to checkout our career and jobs forum which could offer significant value. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors....aloha~

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    I've had my instructors go over my resume & have gone to numerous career fairs where several of the recruiters gave me some advice on what I should put in my resume & what to leave out. I even went to the NSNA conference in Pittsburgh this year & received tons of advice on resumes, interviews etc. Thanks for the advice. I just posted my resume on the careers part of this site as well as on Thank you so much for all the advice. :spin:
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    you're most welcome, as i send you a warm hug from across the miles and remind you that there's a position with your name on it out there, and it will surface sooner than you think.....aloha~
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    Hi Nicole. Glad to see you here. You have come to the right place. Here you will find many friends, an ear to hear your vents, you can learn from others and I am sure others will learn from you. We all have something different that we bring with us here. I want to tell you to hang in there. The right job is out there for you and it sounds like you are working hard to try to get it. Gitano, RN had some great advice. Check out thd job forums here. Wishing you luck on the job hunt and a huge congrats on your accomplishments. Your hard work will pay off.
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