New to Kansas, any insight?

  1. Hello, I've been an RN a little over a year now. I was an LVN for 7 years before I bridged over. My husband is active duty military and we just relocated to Fort Riley, Kansas. If there are fellow nurses on here in that area I would love to connect!!! It took me three months to find a job! I finally have one, start on Monday. We moved from Texas and I could not believe the pay difference! I am now making less than what I made as an LVN! I must say, it's really degrading . But, nursing is my passion, I couldn't see myself doing anything else in this world! I do it because I love it! Glad it's not about the money!
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    Welcome to the site, as I thank you & your husband for his military service, wishing you and your family the best in all of your future endeavors.... Aloha~
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    First of all, allow me to congratulate you for your latest accomplishment in furthering your education. Regarding, nurses in the area of Fort Riley Kansas, you might want to check our US forum they might be some fellow nurses in that area. Needless to say, I'm afraid that the RN pay depends on location as you are well aware now. Once again welcome to the AN family....Aloha~
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    Thank you!!! I posted on the Kansas forum also!!

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