New to group...prereq questions:)

  1. HI there! Starting to register for my prereqs to hopefully apply to BSN program as an older student. I am hoping to do as much online as possible because I work full time. Can anyone tell me if there are any finite math courses offerred online in the state of FL or AL (trying to get in state tuition)? Are there any you wouldn't recommend?

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  3. by   GitanoRN
    Welcome to the site, in regards to Math classes on line I would check with your career counselor in admissions they would definitely know which are offered on-line and are accredited by the school itself. Wishing you the best in all of your future endeavors... Aloha~
  4. by   AlaBro2010
    My local community college HCC (Hillsborough) has "online" Math classes. You can search on florida distance learning consortium website for your course and it will tell you what you can take online and where. At HCC, it's "online" but you have to take three tests at a proctored location during certain days.

    Distance learning consortium website: