New RN, LTC to Cardiac Nursing

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    I passed my NCLEX in August, got a job at a long term care facility, and Feb 12 I started my orientation at a a Magnet Hospital near my house. Working LTC is easy. I may have 30-32 patient a shift, but since majority of the patient are stable so basically I was just passing meds and doing simple treatment (plus of course the focused assessment etc.).

    Not having a BSN is a challenge in getting a job in an acute setting. Now that I will be on a Cardiac Telemetry floor, I am thankful, excited yet scared on how things will going to be.

    I am overwhelmed by the information laid out to me... Any tips to a new Nurse from our Veteran Nurses here pls.

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    Welcome to allnurses, NurseMaricel! Hope your new job on the Cardiac Telemetry floor is working out for you!