New nursing student and a little terrified. Help!

  1. Im beginning nursing school in just a few months and I am consumed with crazy thoughts. Most of them are negative and I hope its because im nervous. I guess what I am searching for through is some reassurance and support. Im a really tiny person, 5ft tall and only 98lbs. Im not sure what specialty I want to be involved in but I hope my size doesnt affect the potential of me being hired. Does anyone have any advice or tips to help make this experience better than what I think it will be??
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  3. by   Corpsman514
    First, I would like to say congrats for getting into nursing school! Crazy thoughts are exactly that, CRAZY. However, they are very much the norm along with common fears and anxieties (I have some myself, trust me). I am pre- nursing, but I have a lot of experience as a tech in ICU / ER and as a NRMA. I was working in MICU, and there was a RN who was a prior cheerleader! She's a nurse, a tiny one! She had the same responsibilities and expectations of her as all other nurses did. When she had to turn her patients (they were sedated and at times VERY large) I'd go with her of course and if needed other nurses would assist as well. Great nurses come in ALL sizes!
    I really think it's just nerves psyching you out. You wont be the only one and I'm certain that your will do very well
  4. by   SCRUBS.RN
    Thank you so much. I was starting to worry myself because I didnt want to drive myself to the point where I want to quit.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    There's an advantage to being small. Nobody asks you to get stuff off the top shelf.
  6. by   dah doh
    As long as you do your job well, no one will care about your size, stature, or appearance. FYI: the person with the smallest hands gets to do open cardiac massage!
  7. by   Orange Tree
    You'll be able to tip-toe into your patients' rooms and check on them unnoticed. Me, I am always knocking their tables over and hitting my head on their TVs!
  8. by   carrielwb
    I 2nd and 3rd that these worries are very common. Don't worry a bit about your size. I am 4'11" and have been nursing for 18 years. It has not been a disadvantage at all. Direct nursing care is a physical job and nurses of all sizes have to be careful with body mechanics. Taller nurses may have problems with activities that require them to bend or stoop when a shorter nurse may not. Shorter nurses may have to take care with reaching up and over etc. But being petite does not mean you can't do it. I have worked with many tiny nurses. Best of luck!! Deep breathes. !!
  9. by   SCRUBS.RN
    Haha good point!
  10. by   stavros_rn
    You should start reading nursing books now...