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  1. 0 Hello wonderful folks at! Here's a little about this new member.

    I'm a new LPN (graduated in Aug '12 and licensed in Nov '12) in Louisiana. I have to thank everyone for all of your hard work and the great information you provide--I've been haunting/reading the site for years, but I just registered tonight. Y'all definitely helped me through nursing school. I graduated valedictorian of my class and also received my school's Nightingale Award, so pat yourselves on the back for helping me.

    From a very young age, I had aspirations to be a doctor. I wanted to make sick people better. Then I found out the difference between what a nurse does and what a doctor does as far as healthcare goes, and I decided that nursing was my calling.

    I am currently searching for my first nursing job, and the possibilities are exhilarating. I hope to share both this job-hunting journey and the remainder of my career with y'all.
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    Hello Blue! Good luck looking for your job! My dh and I are both RNs and we live in north Louisiana. Always glad to see a fellow La nurse on AN. I worked as an LPN for 5 years before finishing RN school.

    Good luck to u!
    Anne, RNC
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    [FONT=century gothic]Welcome to allnurses, BluePotion! Best wishes for a successful job hunt, and looking forward to your input on our site!
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    Thanks for the welcome!

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