new here & new to the field, so I need help! :)

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    Hey everyone!

    Well, I've been doing some research about these jobs: MA/PCT/CNA & Phlebotomist.

    I'm trying to pick something that I can handle because I just had surgery done on both knees back in April of this year. I also have no experience in the medical field whatsoever, so I'd like to be able to gain some experience with a job while also going to school. I know most hospitals tend to pay for your schooling.

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    Welcome to the site scuggs. Check out the "Students" area on this site and you will find some good information there. Good luck to you.
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    welcome to the cite....aloha~

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    thank you everyone!
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    needless to say, any of the titles which you mentioned above ma/pct/cna & phlebotomist will expose you to pt. care, and it will offer you a better perspective on the medical field. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors...aloha~

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