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  1. I am currently an LPN in a nursing facility, but I would like to do home health. I believe if possible the sick should have the choice of staying in their own home to live life as best they can, with no financial burden. Which would be a maracle.. The reason I started on this site is to get some help. I have tattoos and I want one relative to my profession. I have mixed thoughts on the caduceus, since come sites say it means theif and travel, and the staff of asclepius has multiple meanings. I thought about getting the lamp of florence nightingale, but I can't find out exactly which one she used. There is either the one that looks like a jeanie lamp (which I LOVE) or an accordian type lamp that I don't care much for. I want something unique and pretty at the same time. And it has to have personal meaning.. anyone have pictures??
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    [FONT=calibri]Welcome to allnurses abc1148! ~~ Not being an expert on tattoos myself, if you don't get much response you could post in the General Nursing Forum and title it with something more specifically related to your question.

    I've been working in home health as a private-duty nurse for about 7 years now and I really like it. There are many advantages to caring for patients/residents in their own homes. Best wishes to you!