New Here and Completely scared of nursing!

  1. Hello all! I am a new member! So to get to the point, I am completely scared to go into nursing! In the first couple years of undergrad, I was a pre-nursing major and took most of the pre-reqs. I did struggle with the sciences a lot (A&P). I changed my major to more of a health related field. It has now been two years since I took a science class. I thought I didn't want to do nursing anymore but in the back of my mind I still REALLY want to do it! I applied to OU and OCCC in the previous couple of years and was waitlisted but never called in for a spot. It's like I've lost my mojo that I used to have! Any words of encouragement would be helpful!! Thanks!
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    I quess it depends on if you really want be a nurse. If you have other options floating around your head, look at what you really want to do and what you are willing to put up with to be what it is you chose. Nursing is not just the scrub uniform, but the mindset behind nursing. Nursing can be very rewarding but there will be many days of serious stress.