New Graduate Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah

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    My name is Adrienne and I am finishing up my accelerated BSN from Regis U. this weekend in Denver, CO. I've always wanted to live (and SKI Utah powder) in Utah, and Salt Lake City seems like a great place for me to start out as a new graduate nurse.

    More specifically, the University of Utah Hospital, as far as I have heard has an excellent reputation. It is a teaching hospital, and working in that kind of environment is a goal of mine for next year. I know I have a lot to learn but I want to do it in a progressive facility with quality practices.

    The thing is--I went to school in Denver, and don't know anyone in SLC. Hoping this forum can serve as a pseudo-networking resource, I'm new to it, but it seems like a cool website!

    I'll get my compact license in January with Colorado and Utah. Wish me luck in finding employment. The reason I'm posting today is to get any advice regarding the job hunt in SLC/Park City/anywhere in the area. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Welcome to the site, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors in nursing...Aloha~

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