New Grad that's Glad to Be Here!

  1. I am a new grad as of yesterday! Four years ago, had you told me that it was actually possible to get through nursing school, I probably would not have fully believed it. But here I am, and I'm excited to leave the student nurse's world behind and enter the new world of the RN!

    My class has not yet received our Authorization to Test papers yet, but hopefully that will be coming at the end of this month. I intend on taking the NCLEX as soon as I possible can, because not only am I new grad but I have an RN job lined up already!

    I had an interview on Thursday for a general MedSurg floor at the local hospital. I was terrified, but once I got in that room I relaxed. I felt very comfortable with this particular nurse manager, and we actually ended up just talking for an hour and half before she just offered me the job! I am so excited to have this opportunity, that I wish I could go take the NCLEX tomorrow! Unfortunately I'll have to wait a little while on that.

    If anyone has any advice for a new grad starting her first RN job I would appreciate it!
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    Welcome to allnurses rnh2v and[FONT=century gothic] congrats on your graduation and the job offer!

    You may want to look over our site map for forums specific to your concerns at this time as we have many forums that you will likely find advice, experience answers to questions. I put links to a few of them below. All the best!

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