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New grad RN

  1. 0 I graduated last month from nursing school(ADN program) and passed boards this past Thursday(shut off after 75 questions). I will start to work on a med/surg floor on night shift. Any advice?
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    Congrats! I graduated in December, and I take the NCLEX this Thursday.

    Haven't interviewed for my first gig yet... haven't really thought about much other than passing this dang test!
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    Did you already started your job? How is it going? For advice on sleep, many nurses I know take melatonin but that is if you cant sleep. I hated nights when I started but several years later and now I dont see myself leaving it.
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    I just have finished my orientation so I am officially on my own now. I really like it so far. And I am so glad I got night shift bc day shift is too crazy for me right now.
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    Oh thats good. I just noticed my non-english in my last post but anyways lol. Sometimes on days that are short staffed I add to just see how it is, good to try after you get experienced.

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