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New Grad a new specialty....that I know nothing about

  1. 0 Well hello to everyone-

    Ill start by introducing myself. My name is Jordan, and I have recently graduated with my associate degree RN. I have taken and passed my boards and landed a job at a large magnet status teaching hospital where I worked while I was in school and LOVE. I will be working in the Neuroscience Dept. I have always had a fascination with the human brain and its intricate spiderwebbing of complexities, yet I feel like a total fish out of water. We maybe touched on the tip of the neuro iceberg in school... I dont start my nurse residency until Oct 1st so I have some time to catch up on some topic reading...any advice on what I may want to brush up on?
    Thanks for any and all advice. I am so open at this point....and lost. lol
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    Welcome Jsnap1
    Congrats on your accomplishments and recent new job.
    Check out the "specialties" tab on the yellow bar at the top of the screen. There is a neuro-nurse section. I am sure you will find some valuable information there. Good luck to you.
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