New Grad in Phoenix

  1. I graduated from another state at the beginning of October and am having a difficult time getting a job! I passed the NCLEX 11 days ago, got my license, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for where I could apply!

    I've had 3 interviews, one no response (LTAC that was worried about not being able to train me), Banner (said no), then Mayo (who I won't hear from for 2-3 more weeks).

    Skilled nursing seems to be pretty adamant I need at least 1yr RN experience. I've applied for, no joke, 50 positions within the Abrazo network (they list that experience isn't required). HonorHealth NewGrad said I needed more experience???? Is there anywhere else I should apply?

    I'm not above working as a CNA, but I have two young children I need to cover daycare for, so I really don't think that would work at this time.
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  3. by   Nancy,BSN
    Hey! I tried messaging you but it wouldn't let me.
    Thanks for the recommendations, I finally got an interview! I was wondering how your experience has been?