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  1. Hello all,

    I just joined this forum after gaining a renewed interest to the field of nursing. I previously worked in Corrections as a Corrections Officer, and had hoped to pursue a career in LE. I've always wanted to pursue a career field that involves helping/interacting with people, it's what I love to do. I'm only 21 years old, and I've got a lot of work to do with college considering many of the prerequisites that I have taken thus far are not applicable to a BSN degree (only about 30). I will be starting school again at a local community college to satisfy my prereqs, and plan on applying to UT Health Science in downtown Houston OR UTMB - Galveston in Fall 2018. My long term goal would be to pursue a DNAP degree and become a CRNA. I've always been fascinated with the field of Anesthesia but Medical school is not a feasible options for me due to the financial obligation.

    My only fear is that the Houston job market seems SUPER competitive and I have absolutely no experience in nursing. I've looked into the whole CNA thing but the pay seems like it would be too low to leave my current job and pay the bills, even though I know it could give me a one-up when it comes time to send out applications. I've decided to take the plunge and see what happens though, I have many relatives that are RNs in and around the Houston area and they all have great things to say about their job.

    Any advice would be appreciated for a newcomer like me.

    I will see y'all around!
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  3. by   RegularNurse
    No advice, just support.

    Nursing has been great to me, I enjoy my job. Keep grinding and updating everyone here.
  4. by   Navy24
    I would not be worried about the job market. Your first goal is to get into a nursing program. Network once in the program. Jobs are plenty. You would do well to talk to a seasoned nurse (someone teaching) to get some career advice. Remember this, there are jobs everywhere in nursing. Also, you might want to consider furthering your nursing education (Masters) as that will open more doors. Get experience before you go into a Masters program. People who do not do so have a more difficult time with the material. Experience makes a difference. I do not know if this helps or not. Good luck.
  5. by   A1b2
    Good luck on your journey!
  6. by   hgraves64
    I encourage you definitely to either volunteer or take a PT/per diem job as a CNA. The experience of working in a hospital is so eye-opening, especially if you are about to pursue a BSN.

    There are lots of jobs for experienced nurses, but I remember when I entered the market in early of 2013, it was very difficult for a new grad to get hired in New Orleans. Luckily, I'd worked as a CNA so I already had a foot in the door of the hospital, so they hired me as a new RN.

    Best of luck!