Nepal-international nurse in texas

  1. 0 [color=#b22222]​helloooo,,,

    just joined the forum, i don't even know if this is the right forum for my question.
    the story: i graduated from nursing school in 2005, that is seven years ago, sat for
    n-clex in 2009, failed and did not attempt again, for unknown reasons or perhaps out of fear of failing again. truth be told i was just too lazy to study.

    now i think i am in deep trouble, i checked the application for texas board of nursing, thinking id take the test, but it looks like i will nt be able to re-take the test since it's been more than 4 years since the date i graduated, and on top of that i only have one year experience as a registered in nepal. i don;t know the application form says, i am not eligible to retake the test since it's been more than four years from my graduation date.....
    please help me by advising, on what can i do next??? what other states can allow me to sit for nclex, my license from nepal expired last year.
    help!!! help !!!!help
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    You can ask the BON directly otherwise it will be a case of checking the various BON's out and see what their requirements are. Also check if endorsing from another state will affect you
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    welcome to the cite....aloha~

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    thank you all

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