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  1. Hello everyone! I am a student at Richard J Daley college now in Chicago, amd have just submitted my application in February. I am very nervous playing the waiting game lol. I have a question that I feel the advisors at my school aren't being straight with me about. I've been in school now almost 2 years, all gen Ed finished and this semester all pre reqs complete with a few.extras and 3 Psych classes. I was privately home schooled due to the fact that I was married young and then had.children. I found my diploma is only privately accredited, and therefore when I went to take my college placement exam, the advisor said I needed to take the ability to benefit test along with the compass exam in financial aid. I asked was my diploma good attend school and they said yes for them, but not for financial aid, amd this is why the extra test was necessary. I did well on it.and registered and been in school since. Our school ran into a lot of.issues this past year with changing the requirements to apply. The GPA be 2.5, & now it is a 2.75 (which is fine.for me my.gpa is a 3.1), and no more.reading.compass (I scored a 95 on it.the semester before they changed it!), but now teas test. They.announced the.change in the middle of October, right before apps we being accepted. I passed the teas test, but am worried now about my.diploma. Any advise is helpful! And the DON for.our school doesnt know anything, the people who send all the info to them (from Im a wreck. If i.find out they me every.time I ok with my.diploma, im raising.heated he**!!! And ill let the people at financial cause Daley problem taking all this.time for.something.they knew all along wasn't going to pan out! Thanks guys!!! :-)
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Best wishes for this to work out for you. If you run into a problem here, then look at other programs.
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    Thanks hun! Looks like everyoe is going to run into issues again. Students were to know as of the 10th for acceptance into the program, and they are late on responding! It gets so nerve racking waiting and to keepchecking your email! They won't even say to as when we should know by! Its just "Oh, well it shouldbe sometime this month". This is so wrong and unprofessional! Not to say the leading cause of high BP andanxiety lol