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  1. Hello all! I was reading some information on the forum and figured I would join to engage in conversation. I will be applying for nursing school towards the end of this year. Upon graduating I want to work in either the ER or ICU, and ultimately work as a care flight nurse. Whether it be for a care flight company, coast guard, branch of military etc. I am not too sure yet. After working as an RN for a few years, I will go back and do the bridge program and receive my MSN. I figured this would be a better route than ADN-BSN-MSN. I also plan on becoming a certified American Sign Language interpreter. After doing some research I believe people with this qualification are a little more in demand than other languages. Especially since I will be able to work elsewhere with that certification. I speak some Spanish and will continue to work on increasing my fluency. I also am interested in doing some contract traveling work, hopefully all goes as according to plan. Thanks everyone for your advice and responses they are highly appreciated!
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