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  1. 2 Hi all,

    Pleasure to be a part of your community. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! My name is Nikita, I am a male nurse originally from Russia, but I have been here since 1990 - I basically grew up in the US. I graduated nursing school earlier this year in May, and as of TODAY, I am officially an RN, BSN. I passed the NCLEX first try after 90 questions, and to say the least I was thrilled! I was prepared to answer much more questions that that! I will be practicing in the New England area, and am interested in the med-surg field, with later progression into Nurse Anesthesia. Looking forward to interacting with you all in my fresh career, and life!

    - Nikita
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    Congratulations and goodluck to your new career..and life.
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    Great job! Congrats! And welcome.
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    congrats and welcome to allnurses!!
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    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone
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    Russian male nurse here as well, have been in US since 1994, RN since 2008. Working on heme-onc med-surg floor. Good luck! Do you have a job lined up already?
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    Hey Denis, thanks for your input! I am relocating to New England, thus I am currently looking for a job there. I wish to start of working on the med-surg unit and advance to ICU when I get some experience.

    - Nikita
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    Hello, Nikita and Denis (and everyone else)
    I am a female nurse originally from Russia. In US since 1991, RN since 2010. Graduated ADN in June 2010, passed the NCLEX 9.11.10 and am completing my BSN (fingers crossed) in 6 weeks!!!!

    (I am also new to the site so.....yay!!!)

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    Nice, privet and priyatno poznakomitsa!

    - Nikita
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    Hi Nikita I am Russian female nurse in NJ and I practice home care nursing..good luck to you...