1. I've been an LVN for 4 years now and am in school to become an RN. My nursing school experience 4 years ago was horrific. Most of my instructors were very unsupportive and it was a real emotional struggle just to get through. It was a very demeaning experience. I'm surprised I didn't give up. In fact one of my instructor suggested that I do. I graduated on of the top in my class. But all students agreed they would never return to this school for their RN degree. That being said, I'm writing a paper on a very sensitive subject. Do nurses eat their young? I would appreciate any feedback that anyone of you could give me.Thanks
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  3. by   Tweety
    Do search of that topic using our search function and you will find we've discussed that topic here. Good luck.
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    Welcome to the site! With a search, you'll definitely find many people who have commented on that topic here.