LPN, moving international and starting LPN to RN program!!!

  1. Hi there! My name is Danielle and I am 23, and an LPN. I am currently working home health with pediatric patients. I am a twin, and my twin sister is also an LPN working on her associates, and my mom is an RN almost finished with her bachelors. We all started our nursing careers about the same time.

    I graduated school a year ago, and will be moving over seas to south Korea for 2 years to be with my husband who is in the military. I really wanted to go to a traditional school to finish my RN, but I will have to go another route. I plan on starting excelsior LPN to RN, I get some great benefits through the military with this program. I am very dedicated and motivated, a study-aholic, so I think the program will work for me. I will take some time off work, focusing mostly on my studying while Im abroad, and if and when I feel comfortable and confident I may working part time at the hospital on base.

    Im nervous about moving, about not working, because nursing is what I love, but Im especially nervous about excelsior. I have heard some horrible things about the CPNE, but I have also heard a lot of success stories. Right now I have a lot going on and I found this site, and thought it would be great to have fellow nurses that are going through, and have been through similar!! I cant wait to get in on some discussions!
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    We have many success stories on excelsior in the Distant learning forum. Good luck