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Looking for nursing friends...

  1. 0 Townsville Nurse looking to meet new people and make new friends.. Hope there's somebody out there
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    Happy new year to you! Yes there are people out here! I would like to get to know you and vice versa! I hope others respond as well. I need to learn how to network and try to make new friends. So, Im game!
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    Thread moved to introductions/greetings forum.
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    Townsville QLD? Maybe try the Aussie fourms?
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    Welcome to allnurses, townsvillenurse!
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    Anybody in Townsville here have Facebook? Looking to make new friends
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    Hello Everyone...
    Am a male nurse ...I just got my license as a registered nurse here in Benin city in Africa..i have the ambition of becoming an anesthetic nurse someday...i love to meet nurses from around the world to share ideas, knowledge and best practices in the profession..if you desire an email nurse pal...am right here!!!