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Just want to say hello to everybody

  1. 0 Hello,
    I am originally from Germany. I was a nurse for 10 years there, before I moved two years before to the US. I spend the first two years to learn English and get my license here what wasn't easy but now here I am and now I am working on a BSN. I read for a long time in this forum, but never registered me.
    But then I found the German page and thought maybe I can give something back, to help them to get their license in Germany. Because this side was always a good source for my questions.

    Thank you and take care
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    I am so glad you have decided to join our community. I am sure your experiences will be a great contribution to the new forum and the site in general!
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    Hello I applyed to the Baptist Scholars for Barry and I wanted to know if anyone else has applied, or has recieved a date for the interview?
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    welcome to the cite....aloha~

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    Welcome. You've worked hard, congratulations on your accomplishments.
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    Hello! Welcome to the new people as well! My name is Jen from Brooklyn, NY. Recently graduated and planning to take the boards soon. I have been a NASM certified personal training for years and was wondering if there were any nurses at there who integrated fitness and nursing. I've developed various workout plans and regimens for people under the gun for time and need to get a quick and efficient workout plan in. My first career was in the finance industry and I made the switch to nursing and was so inspired and amazed by the nursing professional. You all are wonderful, and nursing isn't just a job; it's a way of life. It's incredible how nurses will work back to back days, 12 hour shifts and find the energy to put their game face on and go to work!!! But I also found that because nurses give so much of their energy to their patients and coworkers, it can be tough to take care of themselves. I commend you all and hope to join the ranks!
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    [color=#cc0033]warm to monaluna and jen!
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    once again we are glad that you have become a member to the an comunity....hugs...aloha~

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    Awesome thanks!