Just registered here! Pre-nursing student. Just registered here! Pre-nursing student. | allnurses

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Just registered here! Pre-nursing student.

  1. 0 Hey everyone! I'm a pre-nursing student at the University of Florida, although I'm hoping to transfer to the University of South Florida in 2013 upon completing my prerequisites at UF.

    I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone has any quick advice as to how to get involved on here or advice for pre-nursing students like me (especially if you went to the same school as I am/hopefully will go).

    Thanks so much
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    welcome to the cite...aloha~

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    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new here too, and I'll be applying to nursing school for fall of 2013 as well I'm applying to nursing schools at UCF, USF and UF (currently a ucf student) and I've found that I've had to make charts to hang on my wall for all of the different requirements/application deadlines/ prereqs for each school (nerd moment, i know) haha.
    Taylordawn- one thing you might want to look into is USF's information sessions specifically for their general BSN program, usually held a few times a semester. It's recommended and really helpful to go! I know that I had a hard time getting an email/call returned from an advisor when I had questions because they don't talk to anyone outside of USF pre-nursing students, but going to the information meeting really helped me get an idea of what was expected.
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    Interesting a message dated from May 13th, resurfaces.... in any case.... Welcome to the site.... Aloha~

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    The most recent reply was probably someone who did a search for their school of choice.
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    This is a older post... OP I hope you are doing well, keep in touch and let us know how is your nursing program is coming along wishing you the best always.... Aloha~