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    Greetings to all you nursefolk!

    My name is Katie; I work as a civil service RN at Navy Hospital, Pensacola. I've been in OB nursing since 1985, when I oriented to it at Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft. Lewis, WA.

    I've been reading the news articles here at AllNurses.com for years. Now I am going to start posting / replying to posts because I have seen a lot of great questions / advice, as well as some myths / disinformation. So I may have some things to say, to add, and to refute!

    Anyway, I moved to Pensacola, FL, on St. Patrick's Day of 2002. My elderly parents live here, and I wanted to be close to them while they're still on the earth. Before FL, I lived for 13 years in Fayetteville, NC. I worked in many facilities around that area, the last one being Womack Army Medical Center at Ft. Bragg, NC. I sorely miss my NC friends & "extended family"!

    I am single, 46, have 4 cats & a dog living with me. Never had children of my own - 20 years of watching births didn't make me want to go through labor! Seriously, though, I am a survivor of Stage II-C ovarian cancer (last chemo. in April 1993). So I am not only a veteran nurse, but a veteran patient!

    Thanks for your time in reading my post. Hope to hear from you!

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    welcome. look forward to reading your posts!
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    Welcome to All Nurses