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  1. 0 Hi, i am a new member and hope to make new friends and give helpand also get help form other students and staff nurses iminmy final year of paedetric nursing feeling stressed and worryingmyself to death , hope i can get some encoursging advice and help .

    please help me

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    Hi there and welcome.
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    Nice to have you on board!

    Don't forget there is also an International and UK Nurses forum here as well.

    Please work your way around and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask !

    Wish you the very best!
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    Hi and welcome to the site

    If you check out the UK forum (under the international section of the Local tab near the top of the page) we have a thread aimed to UK student nurses.
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    welcome. this is a great site. I am glad I found it....... AGain ...... welcome..:spin:
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    Glad to have you here.
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    Good luck to you. Welcome!
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses! Good luck to you!

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