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It's bright red, it's a Littmann Cardiology III, and it's beautiful! I've been lurking on this web site for the past few months and I want to thank you all so much for the advice you've already given me without knowing it. My... Read More

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    I'm over halfway through nursing school using my Ultrascope. My mom gave it to me as a "congrats on getting in" present. It's a REALLY good steth. My name is engraved on it and it has a picture of a beach. My sister, a long time RN, loves hers. I've seen very few ultrascopes, but those who have it love it.

    Congrats on getting in.

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    I have a pink breast cancer edition littman my college gave them out at the beginning of the first semester in these cloth bags and no one knew what color they gotAs soon as I saw it I knew it was a sign I was meant to be a nurse. Funny thing too most of the guys got purple and links and had to trade with the girls who got a lot of blacks and bluesCongrats and put that stethoscope to good use!
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    Congrats! Now you're going to give me stethoscope fever, haha. I'm looking at some online now..
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    Keep your eyes on that scope. There is nothing quite like your first one, and when someone takes it, you feel a loss that can never be fixed!
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    What great memories. My first stethoscope was an ugly heavy sprague rappaport. It hurt my neck, it pulled out my hair, I used it until I had my RN for about a year or so.

    My first nice stethoscope was a littmann master classic II. By then I had gotten to try out several kinds at work and kind of knew what features I felt most important. It was light enough to comfortably wear all shift on the back of my neck and/or easily curl into a cargo style pocket.

    Since I went to NICU, I rarely see it (I think it's in a bathroom drawer). The NICU babies each get their own stethoscope and we get anything from cheap low end adult sized to nice littmann neonatal ones.

    Thanks for bringing up those memories!
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    Hey all sorry for the side track from the happy discussions. My coworker an RN on a very busy med/surg floor was nearly choked to death by a pyschiatric patient admiited to med/surg with her own stethescope around her neck! I have learned to store mines now in my pants pocket. (its a purple littman 11) which i love!

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