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It's bright red, it's a Littmann Cardiology III, and it's beautiful! I've been lurking on this web site for the past few months and I want to thank you all so much for the advice you've already given me without knowing it. My... Read More

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    Good for you!!
    I bought myself a Littman Cardiology, all black with name engraved on it after I was accepted for my first job on a telemetry unit. I have had it 3 years and have almost lost it twice. I was sad for the 30 minutes each time I couldn't find it.
    1. because it was sentimetal.
    2. because it was expensive.

    You might feel like you have a long way to go...but you will be done before you know it. In nursing school one teacher always reminded us: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    I started my first general ed class in college with the idea of going into nursing in 1995 and finally graduated in 2008 with my BSN (having a family somewhere in there.) My motto has been, get it done...either way those years are going to go by. At the end of those years you can either have your nursing degree or you won't. If you want it bad enough...you can do anything.
    Good luck to you, and we are glad to have you here. We will be your cheerleaders.

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    Ah I still have the one my parents got me 4 years ago when I got into nursing school. All black Master Classic II. Love that thing. Only time I ever set it down is during codes.
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    NICE!!! Congrats and good luck!
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    I was soo excited about my first stethoscope too when I started my CNA class 3 yrs ago! It went with me during my journey through nursing school too lolol. I love it, but I think it's time to let it go :-(
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    I've yet to find a Littman that works for me...my ears/ear canals are very small and the Littman canal pieces don't fit me...very difficult to find that "sweet spot."
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    Congratulations, you will hear all kinds of heart and breath sounds now!
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    CONGRATS!!!! and don't ever give up! I finished Paramedic school and now I am starting nursing (pending acceptance). No achievement is too small to celebrate! Be proud of yourself!
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    ahhh...my first scope (from last summer) is a Littman Classic II SE in carribbean blue with a rainbow head - I get a lot of compliments on it! Best of luck - I have 7 weeks left of my 2nd semester of 4 and its an awesome journey!
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    Now I want a new stethascope, lol. I have an ultrascope with I really like.

    Enjoy the bright red! That hopefully will stand out and not be stolen!
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    i got the same one when i started school. i love it. it is so much better than the $12 one i got for cna clinicals. luckily someone with more dough took pity on me and gave it as a gift. dont let anyone in your class know how great it is. i hear they can walk off.

    i hope you enjoy the site. it can be such a great resource. i did want to share with you though that referring to yourself as a nurse can get you in hot water on these boards. it is actually in the tos. "
    you agree
    to use titles that you have not earned. ie. rn, dr, lpn, lvn, nurse, etc" i hate to be that guy. (not thatguy, the poster, but that guy in the general sense) these nurses worked really hard for that title. you will earn it soon though, i am sure. you dont want to loose credibility in a discussion because people think you are a nurse and then find out you are not. just thought i would give you the heads up, you may want to add "2b" at the end of your name or something.

    best of luck, grownuprosie
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