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Just became a LPN in March!

  1. 1 Howdy! I love this site! I just became licensed in March! I was working in a psych hospital before becoming a LPN and currently still work there as a Detox nurse and I also work in the ECT clinic! I love psych it's my passion and I feel blessed that as a LPN I am able to work in psych (not sure how it is in other states but here they are not hired much at all, it's rare to work in psych as a LPN). I originally planned on doing LPN to bridge to RN faster, but unfortunately due to the law the government just passed I have to start paying for my own classes so that will be put off for awhile ( I majored in psych before deciding I wanted to be a nurse and so I used up my financial aid doing that ) Anyways my plans may be halted for now, but not deystroyed! Eventually when I do get my RN I want to stay in psych but I would also like to do some medical as I enjoy that. I think I would really enjoy oncology or hospice. I liked all my medsurg rotations as well. Well that's enough from me! See you around!
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    welcome to allnurses! --- and congrats on earning your lpn. you are lucky that you've found your niche already and are able to work in it now. it may take a while to earn that rn but it sounds like you have your goals all lined up. you will get there! best wishes!
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    Thank you!
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    first of all congratulations on your latest accomplishment, 2nd, welcome to the cite...as i wish you the very best always in all of your future endeavors....aloha~

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