Junior in HS and want to get into Nursing Program

  1. Hey there. I was introduced to this forum from Reddit (r/nursing).
    I wanted to become a Police officer or a mechanical Engineer when I was young but since freshman year of my HS, I decided to go for nursing. There are reasons behind it but won't cover right now.

    Here is a little brief summary of my HS career so far.

    - I have 3.88 cumulative GPA from Freshman Year to Sophmore year. (4.2 Weighted GPA)

    - I am doing ok so far except that I have B in AP chemistry.

    - The only AP test I took was AP stat and I am planning to take AP Chem and AP calc this year.

    - My act score is 27.

    I am aiming for BSN program in Illinois state university (Mennonite college).

    Any advice what to do as an HS student?
    Also, what should I do in the future?

    None of my parents, relatives or friends work in Medical careers AT all, so I am sometimes quite lost on what to do.

    Thank you for help Y'all.
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    I would recommend getting some exposure to healthcare. You can become a CNA at 16, get some patient care experience in a nursing home. That's a good place to start. I knew many many nurses who did this. You could even start off with volunteering, kitchen, housekeeping, activities... just get some exposure to being around patients. Is there a type of medical careers class at your high school wherein you can observe or do volunteer-type classes in a clinical setting? Do it if you can.