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Introduction- Newbie pre-nursing

  1. 0 Hello everyone, My name is Jessi and I am a pre-nursing student.. I have wanted to be a Nurse since I was a kid but life took me in other directions. I love to care for people and helping other in need. I am currently a CNA but I am not employed at this time. I am seeking part time employment while in school. I am getting married in June and I know it will be a struggle trying to plan for a wedding and finishing up pre-req's at the same time. I'm here on this site to hopefully make nursing friends that can give me some helpful advice while going through this process because I know that Nursing school will not be easy. I'm happy I found this site.
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    Welcome and all the best on your journey
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    Welcome Jessi! Good luck with school and congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!
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    to allnurses, Jessi! Congrats on the upcoming marriage! If you post here regularly can make friends and get feedback. This site map has a long list of forums you may be interested in as you continue your nursing school journey. Best wishes!
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    Welcome to the site, as I wish the best to you on all your future endeavors... Aloha~