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  1. I am SO glad to finally be able to begin this thread, because today I was accepted into my first choice accelerated BSN Program, beginning in May 2011!

    I lurked on this site for quite awhile while I was completing my prerequisites, but today I feel a little more "legitimate" and am diving headfirst into the world of posting, reading and commenting.

    Despite my username (which is a reference to Will & Grace), I am female and in my early thirties. This is a drastic career shift for me, since my BA is in the pre-law/economics/government area. I've worked in the legislative and Corporate world for 11+ years, so going back to school is going to be amazingly different!

    I'm fortunate to have a flexible nine (9) months before my program begins, with a lot of time on my hands, so any advice for preparation during this time is welcome.

    I'm both excited & scared to begin this new adventure, and I hope to develop a supportive, safe, healthy community where I can learn from both those in my shoes, and those with many years of experience. I'm the first to admit I don't know anything, and am going into this with my eyes and ears wide open!

    Thank you in advance for any advice, help and support you can give me and I look forward to getting to know many of you!
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    Congrats!!! .. I just graduated this year at 41.. .. I owned a small business for 11 years before going back to school, and hadn't been in a classroom for a total of 14 years before starting. No previous experience in healthcare either. I'm a quick study.

    I can't advise on an accelerated program as I did a traditional BSN, but I know the accelerated students at my school were like a family. Very close, and a very intense 16 straight months for them.

    I'd say enjoy your freedom right now, cuz it's gonna be all school, all the time when you start. If you do want to prepare and get a leg up, I'd suggest to start looking a med classifications, (notice common suffixes of the multitudes of drugs within) indications, actions, common side effects, contraindications, etc..

    Way to go!! So exciting!! Best wishes to you..
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    Welcome and food luck

    Don't forget to check out our student section
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    Thank you so much for the welcome!!!!