Introduction and question/opinion about a book (Becoming a Nurse, Learning Express).

  1. Hi Folks:

    I won't go into too much introduction about myself, since I've already sort of introduced myself in a couple of different places here. But I am in my late 40s, have worked in the corporate world (IT) for 25 years, and am thinking about a career change into nursing. I am married and have three kids...two in college and one who will be there in a few more years. I'm hoping that, if nursing works for me, I will be through school about the time my youngest finishes college (or he will be close to it).

    I also wanted to see if any of you who are similar to myself...a little older, career-changers...might have read a particular book looking for an answer to the "is nursing going to be right for me" question. I found a book called "Becoming a Nurse" from the Learning Express editors. There are two fairly positive reviews on Amazon, but that's not a lot to go on.

    They have a Kindle edition and it isn't very expensive...I may get it just to see but thought I'd ask if anyone here has read it.


    Charlotte, NC
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    I haven't read the book you mention.

    All I can tell you is to think long and hard before you take the plunge to change careers.

    At our age we have many financial, college for our kids, debt, etc.

    How much is a nursing education going to cost you? Will you find a job and if you do, what will your earnings be? How long will it take to catch up on earnings lost while in school and how long to get back up to the wage you were making prior to changing careers. Is changing careers really worth it?

    Nursing probably won't pay as well as your IT job.

    Read that book you mention and do lots of thinking.
  4. by   GitanoRN
    Welcome to the site.... as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors....Aloha~
  5. by   baskew64
    Thanks. I will take your advice and do a lot of thinking, but I do not expect nursing to pay as much as the IT job. Perhaps it could, eventually, but I expect to take a pay hit. I expect to keep working and hopefully will be taking night classes, so there should be no loss of income. I expect that we will have our kids through (or almost) college by the time I am we should be in a position where the new income will be okay. Maybe this is wishful thinking...but so far I haven't quit my regular job! I'm in the initial "thinking about it and looking for information" phase
  6. by   newlvnstudent
    I am 40, and just began a LVN program in July. Although I already have a BA and a Masters, this the route I chose for a variety of reasons. One of them being that most/if not all the "in person" BSN programs I looked at for 2nd degree nursing programs were full time, during the day and took about 2 years, NOT counting the pre-reqs. Because of the trend for RN's to have earned a BSN, I would highly suggest pursuing a BSN and not an ADN. Of course, these are all very personal choices.

    I agree with "itsmejuli", think long and hard prior to entering the nursing profession. Having had multiple surgeries and hospital stays (I'm totally healthy now), I could feel and tell the nurses who truly ejoyed their careers versus the nurses, who beyond having a bad day, were obviously NOT happy where they were. There seems to have been an influx of nursing students and graduates, and you'll see posted all over, there a lot of new grad RN's who are finding it very difficult to find work, depending on what region of the country you live in.

    This is certainly NOT to discourage you...just food for thought. I am also going to check out the book you mentioned...Good Luck to you!!
  7. by   studentrnchristine
    Hello, although I haven't read the book; I thought I would share my story with you, who knows it may help. I am 42 yrs old, married with four kids and two grandkids (that we support) living in the home. I was in sales, first real estate and then when that went down hill I sold cars. When the economy hit the car sales business I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. It has been a rough journey, but we're almost done. I too have three kids in college, one is in my nursing program with me. Since I began Nursing school I have had to quit my job (because of clinicals and studying), we lost our home, and we lost our main car. We are now living in a rented duplex in the ghetto, where my grandkids are not allowed to play outside. We struggle to make ends meet and at times gas money to get to school is even a problem. I do not regret a moment, I am pursuing my dreams and teaching my kids and grandkids that no sacrifice is to great, when it comes to our dreams. If that is the case for you and you feel passionate about nursing, by all means you should change careers. You will experience ups and downs in Nursing school, you will be tested, and I promise you this is the hardest thing I have done in my life. Nursing not only comes with long hours, and dirty work but liability as well. Make sure your heart is in it.
  8. by   mariebailey
    I haven't heard of it. If you want to get a view of what nursing is really like, a list of recommended reading for nurses I came across from one of my Medscape emails has some popular selections:
  9. by   MomBSN
    I would suggest job shadowing if you are able. It will help more than a book One of the things I love about nursing is that you don't just have to work in a hospital, you can work at a camp, with a corporation, in research, in the community....nursing is so diverse.
  10. by   PatsyRN
    Bryan: Haven't read the book but you are right on in doing your research. You can also get some good info off the gov't labor website. You would be wonderful in a nursing informatics major. Looking at your age you should easily be able to recoup the monies invested in the degree in analysing years left to work. My husband and I were midlife career changers and have never regretted it. Good Luck to you.
  11. by   GitanoRN
    Needless to say, I read the book and honestly, with my 40yrs. of nursing experience I could write that book and then some, since I have worked in so many countries and in so many specialties in nursing, which has given me a vast knowledge to share with my new fellow colleagues I would surely indulge their senses. Having said that, a dear friend of mine has approach me regarding the issue of writing my nursing memoirs, I'm seriously considering it. Once again good luck in all of your future endeavors.... Aloha~

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