Intro: a sahm & aspiring nurse

  1. My name is Becca Sue, and I'm here digging for info on how to most efficiently pursue my dream of becoming an L&D nurse. I'm a SAHM of two kids, and have a BS in psychology. There is an accelerated BSN program in my area that seems like it'd take as much time as just as associates degree. My current plan is to complete pre-reqs at a community college while doing doula work (bc I love supporting laboring women & for the experience on l&d), and possibly getting certified either as a childbirth instructor or breastfeeding counselor.

    I feel a little lost amidst all the acronyms and varying regional situations (different job markets in different states), and would love to hear from anyone who could point me in the right direction. My goal is to be on an L&D floor, possibly postpartum care, and maybe even nicu. Is a BSN a wise route?

    I don't "have" to work, so it's not a matter of advancing a career. I'm happy to find something that meets my passion and fits into the picture of me staying home with the kids the rest of the week. I hear 3 twelve hour shifts is pretty standard for L&D, and that sounds ideal to me.

    Anyways - hi! ::wave::
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