Interviewing a new Manager

  1. I have been asked to be on a panel to interview a new director for our department. I work in a very busy emergency room and am a recent new grad (Dec 03) RN. I worked in this same ER for 5 years as an LVN. Our current director has resigned and we will be interviewing a few new candidates--all of whom have been co-workers at one time or another as either asst directors or NP's in my department. Makes for a somewhat uncomfortable situation... My question is in regards to some input on what would be good interview questions to ask. Any ideas? Help.............
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  3. by   purplemania
    Do they have a nursing philosophy to share? What do they perceive as being their strong point and weak point? How do they plan to deal with discipline regarding friends and co-workers? What goals do they have? In a perfect world, with money not being an object, what ONE thing would they suggest to improve your department? Why do they want this job?