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  1. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Kirstie Hoots and I graduated from High School in June 2011 where I got my CNA certification in February 2011 and began a EMT-B class in April 2011 and ended in July 2011 with my EMT-B certification. I started working at my local Hospital (as a CNA) in August 2011 on the Pediatric/Women's Health floor, then transferred to the ER in December, where I wanted to be to start with. I'm a full-time student going for my Nursing, but right now I'm taking prerequisites so when I'm in the Nursing program that will be all I have to worry about (No Math, History, English, etc..) I'm also a volunteer at the local Fire Department and Rescue Squad!

    My dream is to become a Flight Nurse!! I'm torn at what route I should do to make it there flawlessly. I've thought about going Paramedic and bridging to RN thinking that if I get some experience in the truck it would land me a spot in the bird, but was told that I should just go for RN and keep going for my BSN and MSN because the more education behind you would land you the job better than one that has minimum education. Is this true? and which way is best? Plus, what other certifications should I be looking into that would benefit me for Flight Nursing requirements?

    If someone would PLEASE just give me some pointers in what I should do, I would be forever grateful for your time and assistance!!

    P.S. I went skydiving this past November, to see if I could handle the heights since I've never flown, and I fell in LOVE with it!! I go back this summer for my second tandem jump!
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