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Hi my name is Jessica. I have just a couple of questions. I have always wanted to become a nurse, that is my dream. When I was just 16, I had my first child, who was premature and I missed a lot of school for that reason. Since I... Read More

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    Hi Jessica!!!
    Kudos to you for pursuing your higher education goals. I know for a fact that you can pursue a BSN in Georgia with a GED. You can attend private AND public institutions. There are people at Yale and Harvard who have GED's so UGA and GaTech are no brainers. DO NOT EVER give up on your dreams just because of what ONE or TWO negative people try to say to you. YOU can do it. Go FOR IT and keep us posted!!!!!
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    Look there are a few ways to get your BSN. I won't listen to the clowns who say you need high school diploma, because you don't. I have a GED, and it is not stopping me, and having a GED does not mean you not smart or at the same level as those with a highschool diploma...besides when you get your BSN, it wont matter.

    Anyways,don't know if anyone explained it this way but, The 3 main routes to get a BSN are:

    1. Go to community/state college first, get your AA-Pre-nursing major, with prerequisites included then transfer to a University for your BSN. This is my plan and I already got my AA degree.

    2. complete your ADN (Associates RN program) become an RN, go to work, then later complete the RN-BSN at a University.

    3. enter generic BSN program right out of high school to a University as a freshman.

    The route you may not be able to do, is #3...generic BSN entering as a freshman from highschool...that is probably the only one you wont be able to do,only because you would need to have your highschool transcripts, GPA, SAT's and other highschool science courses completed. A private University might waive some of these requirements and take your GED, but you will be looking at very high expenses at the end of 4 years.
    The first 2 routes (1. and 2.) you can do with no problem by having your GED, the choice depends on your lifestyle and accommodations, length of time depends on how long you take to complete the prerequisites, the actual core BSN will take 1.5 to 2 years to complete. If you are in no rush to work and have accommodations and no bills etc, I'd go with plan 1. it will take 4 years if you do it all fulltime, depending on family income, most if not all of it will be covered via financial aid. If doing this you will want to keep in contact with the University you plan to transfer too and a transfer advisor, to ensure that the state/community college courses you are taking are equivalent to the University course of studies and are accepted when you transfer. Choice 2. is also covered by fianacial aid(depending on your family income) and it is the quickest way to become an RN, so they say, but really its only 3-6months shorter than the BSN if you count the time it takes to complete the prerequisites. Hope this helps.
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    Welcome and congratulations on your choice of career. I hope you will be able to find the best nursing course that will work for you. Wishing you the best.
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    Kelrn19 I can tell your not familiar with the ga schools which is where she is talking about. In this area you basically have to be nearly finished with your sophomore year of college before you can even apply to the Bsn nursing programs so at that point the 5 areas they look at are overall gpa (college of course), pre requisite gpa, math/science gpa, teas score, and either interview or reference letters depending on the school. I went to a comm college for my first 2 years and transferred into a 4 year Univ. this semester and yesterday i was just accepted into one of the most competitive nursing schools in ga! My high school gpa, i think, was like a 2.0. But the nursing school never asked for it. My college gpa is 3.81 and my math/science is a 4.0 and my prerequisite gpa is a 4.0 with a teas of 84. That is what matters. Jessta I hope you don't let kelrn's post get you down it seems clear they are not familiar with how the nursing schools are down here. You have a ton of opportunity to get into any school in ga you want too!
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    Man nurse 2 b again may not be familiar with ga schools. But you can totally go to a cc and do yr prerequisites but you do NOT have to get an ADN you can transfer to a 4 year school and go straight to Bsn which will save you A LOT of time. I am not sure how other states work but that's the deal in ga.
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    I woul to
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    Quote from Pleigh33
    Man nurse 2 b again may not be familiar with ga schools. But you can totally go to a cc and do yr prerequisites but you do NOT have to get an ADN you can transfer to a 4 year school and go straight to Bsn which will save you A LOT of time. I am not sure how other states work but that's the deal in ga.
    Yep I know that, I'm in Florida but The state you in really does not matter, its the same basic process,which I described in step 1. which is transferring with an AA degree, an AA degree is not an ADN.
    Yes you DO NOT need to get an AA, you can just do the prereqs but there are several advantages
    why transfer with an AA degree?
    Firstly, to transfer you need to meet minimum transfer credits and general education requirements of the University and the AA degree covers all of that.

    Second, most Universities and BSN programs have foreign language requirements and having no high school diploma, these courses can also be done as part of the AA instead of worrying about adding them in later while in the 4 year school, that way you can focus only on the nursing courses.

    Third, if you at a community college and you are just doing prereqs and have applied for admission as "NON-Degree Seeking Student" and you sign up for classes without listing an AA/undecided degree, you will not qualify for financial aid/pell grant money for those courses.In other words, you will have to pay for them out of pocket. Yes u can sign up as undecided AA degree seeking student just for aid for those prereqs and then just transfer without graduating with the AA.

    Lastly, they won't have to break down a course by course evaluation of the transfer credits, as an AA degree is generally accepted, by a university within the same state, no questions asked and AA degree holders are generally given priority admission (Remember you will be competing with sophomore level students who already been at the University for 2 years, by the time you transfer. It may see longer, by just a few months, but in the end, all the courses have to be done anyways, so why not get them done cheaper at the community/state college level.

    Everyone's situation is different. Heck you can even go the LPN route if you which, but I am assuming the post is for someone who is living with parents and is not in a rush to start working.
    Best advice...don't listen to anyone here, just make an apointment and go talk to an advisor at a community college, keep doing your own research (because some advisors give wrong information) and make a plan. These are just suggestions.
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    Good morning everyone! Hope you all are doing good. I got some good advice from y'all and I thank you so much! I am a single mother and have a full time job, however I do believe if you want something bad enough you can achieve your goal. I have heard some good things about Ga Perimeter I think a couple of my friends attend there. One thing I can say is when I received my GED I passed with all college levels. So if they do look at that they will see I passed with great scores. I will keep you all posted, I'm going to start calling schools on Monday I'm just going to start trying to figure out how to juggle school and a job. I am a manager at a restaurant so this job requires a lot of my time :/ but I know I'll figure everything out. Again, thank you all for your advice!
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    does anyone know anything about kaplan test entrance

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