I am new here and not in school now, I am trying to go back and have a question

  1. hi,

    the last nursing class i had was in the fall of 1998. i got a ba in 1999. long story short i owe around $3,000 to the school for masters level classes i took and that has prevented me from going back to school. i also have the problem of being out for more than 5 years now and i am afraid that i will have to reapeat a&p and other science classes and if that is the case i think i would be better off starting over at a jr. college. what do you think. are there any nursing instructors here?. i can give more details if anyone wants them. i appreciate your time.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Most schools will make you repeat the program at this point......sorry.
  4. by   Lorel
    Quote from suzanne4
    most schools will make you repeat the program at this point......sorry.
    i know...just the messenger...lol. it was a year ago when i re-applied and they mentioned taking nursing plus courses for support but i don't remember them saying i had to start from scratch. if i had to do that i would probably just go for the adn instead of finishing the bsn. i know i willl have to get the money anyway for transcripts, so i hope that is not the case. i re-posted this in the general nursing forum also, and i was getting the idea there that i might be able to continue once i paid the money. thanks for your response...i just hope that is not the case here.