Husband is a travel nurse, spouse needs helps

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    My husband is a traveling nurse and we have been traveling for almost 2 years. I've done lots of odd, part time jobs just to give me something to do. Ready to do something that makes me happy, job wise. I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, yet we rarely stay long enough anywhere for me to get a job at a gym or to build up clientele. Thought about going back to school for Physical Therapist Assistant or Massage Therapist, something else in the "health" field so I could possibly work in the hospital or in a clinic. Just not having much luck. As for the PTA schooling it can't be done all online and our next position does not have a school that offers the program. Just wondering if there are any other wives of a traveling nurse, having a problem trying to find what to do ?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Suggest you consider becoming a nurse and eventually you could get travel assignments at the same area as your husband, or even in the same facility.
  4. by   GitanoRN
    Welcome to the site, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors... aloha~
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  5. by   goldengirl88
    hi there! i'm getting into my first travel assignment as well and already have ideas to help others with partners/spouses in similar situations! have you considered an income you can do at home/on the go? especially with background as a personal fitness trainer, I really believe this would interest you and you'd be great at this! PM and we can discuss! I've met and gotten to know others in similar situations and now they love this type of work

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