How Do I Prepare for The Nursing Program?

  1. I am going into the Bachelors of nursing program at UCF in January, and I was wondering, for all of you who are in a nursing program, or already finished a program, what is the best way to prepare for the program? I have a light semester right now, with only one class. So I have a lot of time. I know once I get into the program I won't have the luxury of time anymore. Please tell me what to expect, and how I can prepare myself to be a great student!
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  3. by   Sinman

    I am currently a student at Washington State University. I will be graduating in December. I'm not sure what your course load looks like but ours was extremely heavy the first semester so I think the best advice I could give is to make sure you take care of any little nagging details before your first semester starts. For example if you need to get you car in for maintenance do it early and look into all the required vaccinations TB testing ect that the school requires and get them out of the way. I made the mistake of waiting and was scrambling around to get everything done in time for clinical. I did my best to get all my assignments done the week before they were due that way if something came up to put a wrinkle in my schedule I was ahead of the game and could take a day off without freaking out about being late on an assignment

    My other advice is something that worked really well for me but might not for everyone. I have a husband and two children so I literally scheduled EVERYTHING I started out with a really nice day planner and then upgraded to google calender because it synched with my phone. I made sure all my classes, test days, due dates, appts, clinicals, ect were in my planner and my Husband and I sat down every week on Sunday and looked at the upcoming week so we both knew where we were going to be during the week and then we scheduled our couple time and family time into the week as well as dedicated study time so that everything that needed to get done did and everyone got the time they needed