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  1. 0 I graduate from Nursing school in Houston, TX on MAY 4th! YAY!!! Super excited!!!! I had planned to work here in the Texas Medical Center, but just found out my family and I are moving to Denver, CO for my husband's job. I am very excited, but at the same time nervous because it has taken me so long to find a hospital I truly love and I'm from here. SO.. I am asking for help, please. I am in need of finding an amazing hospital, with great co-workers, a health care team that works together and values each other's critical thinking abilities, and where patient care is truly important. I would love to be in an ICU setting. If you can help give any advice on a great hospital, and/or unit I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.
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    Hi! I just joined here and I am not yet a nurse, however, I work in a hospital north of Denver and our hospital system is in the process of partnering with the University of Colorado Hospital. The system is incredible! I have worked in administration for a year and I work with labor and delivery nurses. The staff is so wonderful to work for. I've never had a better job. The benefits are amazing. PM me if you want more info!

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