History of Expert Witness (Nurses)

  1. dear colleagues,

    hi, my name is matthew, i am a rn student here in canada and i need your help.

    i am writing an essay on the topic "expert witness (nurses)".
    i am stumbled upon the fact that i cannot find anywhere on the internet or in thelibraries here in canada, the part where it says when it all started.

    please, if you can, help me.i need some information on the history of expert witness (nurses).

    to be more specific, i know that previously, let's say since 1840 according to anglo saxon laws only phisicians acted as expert witnesses.

    however , i do not know when and how the nurses started to act as expert witnesses.

    please, please help me.

    this essay and subsequent presentation amounts to 55% of my total score in nursing ethics.

    i can only have 1 shot at it.
    i really need your help.
    please reply to xeops@hotmail.com, or here.
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  3. by   IMustBeCrazy
    I don't know if your presentation is geared toward Canada specifically, but I think if you contact this organization http://www.aalnc.org/ they can probably put you in touch with the resources you are looking for.

    Good luck!
  4. by   manna
    Bumping this thread up. Good luck with your paper.