Hi to my fellow RNs! :)

  1. 0 Hi all! I'm new to the site, and just wanted to introduce myself!
    My name is Steffi. I work on MedSurg/Tele at Payson Regional Medical Center, but since Payson is a small town we actually also do pre-op, post-op, and peds on our floor, which has been a great learning experience as my first job. This fall is my two-year mark. I graduated from Yavapai Community College in Prescott, AZ, where I still live. So yes, that does mean I have to commute 2 hours or so for work. It sucks but it was pretty hard finding a job as a new nurse!!! After I get my two years of experience I would love to move to a bigger hospital, and who knows... maybe travel nursing??? Anyways, I love meeting new people so lets be friends!
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    welcome to the cite, my advise to you is to hang in there, once you have the 2yrs. under your belt you should be able to open a pathway into your future since you're no longer then a newbie wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors......aloha~

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    Welcome to the site.
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    Hi Steffi. Glad you found the site. Wow! It sounds like you do alot of driving for work. I agree with Gitano, RN. It will all pay off. Check out the yellow bar at the top of the screen to see all of the different areas on the site. Also note the "breakroom" tab. If you like to make new friends I think you will like the breakroom too. See ya.

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