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    I join this board after searching on what to do when feeling burnt out, lost, and so on in nursing! I have good days with specific experiences or patients and I feel like this is why I am a nurse! But those are so few and far between. I do not think I have lost all my hope or love for it yet but I am heading down that road. I am almost to my 7th year and for the past couple years I have done nothing. By nothing I mean I countdown my 12hr shifts and then coundtown to the next one. I always like to be working on something and then I can complete it, accomplish something. I finished my BSN a few years ago and I am not interested in going further, so school it out. I have my certifications that matter for my specialty, so that is out. I have researched many jobs available or even unique jobs and none are speaking to me. Travel nurse interests me a bit, I am looking for a buddy in that section of this site, maybe. I feel I am at a point to run or to accept this as just the way it is, a job. But I am not that way at all in my life so its hard. Did anyone else get to this point or experience this several years in? I cannot think of another job to try, teacher, retail, lady cop, I do not know lol. I think nursing may actually be for me and I love science but I am just stuck right now. I looked into dialysis nursing but every job wants previous experience and I have zero. So here I am, maybe some fellow lost or past lost experiences can help me through.
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    I don't know if you are religious or not... but if you are, have you prayed about it? I find that's what I do when feeling this way... After my first year of nursing, I was questioning if I had picked the right career... I switched to a different type of nursing and feel much happier with my job and that I made the right choice. What type of nursing are you doing now, and what other types of nursing have you done or would you consider doing? Maybe you just need a change.
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    Not very religious. I know I need a job change its just hard. I have only had this one job for the seven years. I feel I have lost some skills or knowledge by not using. I work in a hospital, pediatrics. I have researched a lot and other hospitals/clinics but nothing is for me.
  5. by   HouTx
    Sounds like a typical case of career stagnation - that pervasive feeling of "been there, done that" with no new intellectual stimulation in sight. This is a normal phase. You're making all the right moves - looking for other opportunities that will present more challenges you can conquer. In the meantime, are there any other work-related activities in which you can become involved? Task forces or individual work to improve processes or clinical quality? Community involvement?
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    Quote from xvii
    I know I need a job change its just hard. I have only had this one job for the seven years.
    Yes, it sounds like you know you need a job change... it's just a matter of looking and taking the initiative to start applying and interviewing. Keep looking!
  7. by   GitanoRN
    Wishing you the best in all of your future endeavors... Aloha~

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